About Uprooted Designs

Founded in the wonderful year of 2020, Kati Ingram, owner and creator has started a business founded on the belief of uprooting yourself. You may ask yourself, what does it mean to be uprooted? You may find yourself experiencing new things, new places or new life lessons. Without these sometimes uncomfortable challenges that life brings us, we may find ourselves stagnant. Like a tree, when one is uprooted, it may seem like the end. False. It is only the beginning of something beautiful, full of growth and new life.

When you choose to uproot yourself and experience new things, you find yourself pushing to new heights, new experiences and a new life that is full of joy, creativity and a new outlook. At Uprooted Designs, we are always pushing ourselves to learn new things, see new places and expand as much as possible in this short and beautiful life. Thank you for supporting small business and making a dream come true.